KANA Weekly News and Updates

KANA Dental Begins Offering Fluoride Treatments in Villages Year-round

KANA’s Dental Department has found new ways to offer improved dental health for rural communities year round. A new program has been implemented to provide fluoride varnish for village residents throughout the year with the help of our Community Health Aides (CHA). KANA CHAs have been trained in how to apply fluoride varnish to patients’ teeth, making it easier for village residents to get preventative care when and where they need it. Since patients no longer need to wait for dentists or dental hygienists to travel to village communities to receive fluoride varnish, high quality care will be more accessible.

Fluoride varnish is a pale yellow gel that is applied to teeth using a soft brush. The gel sets quickly, and provides protection against tooth decay. Fluoride varnish has been scientifically proven to prevent or reduce decay, with a more significant effect when accompanied with regular brushing and good dental hygiene habits.

Fluoride varnish has been proven to be effective in preventing tooth decay in both children’s primary and adult permanent teeth. It is applied 2 times per year or more for the prevention of tooth decay. It is ideally suited for application on all ages and in any medical setting because of its ease of application and minimal ingestion. Since no special equipment is needed, fluoride applications are readily adaptable to village clinic settings.

12 Days of Workouts at the KANA Wellness Center

The holidays are a chance to spice things up a little. This season, give yourself some variety with 12 Days of Workouts. In homage to the 12 Days of Christmas, the KANA Wellness Center is sharing 12 days of fun new workouts designed to help everyone feel their best. 

The 12 Days of Workouts are designed for every age and physical ability to get sweaty and get on with your holiday fun. Whether you participate at the gym or from home, these challenges are designed to meet you when and where you have time for your workout with a simple goal of doing your personal best. Each workout offers a routine that’s doable for anyone, in any time. Celebrate your success by posting completion times on the Wellness Center’s Facebook page and to be entered to win a special edition 50th Anniversary water bottle.  Feel good about your new holiday routine this 2016. 

Life gets very busy throughout the holiday season.  There is family in town, holiday parties to attend, presents to purchase and wrap, and baking to be done.  It’s very easy to let go of good eating habits and regular exercise during this time and let those 5-10 pounds of holiday cheer pack on.  This year, we want to help keep your metabolism burning bright and make it easier for you to keep up with your healthy habits while still allowing time to enjoy the holidays. 

A Special Quyanaa from Alaska Federation of Natives